International Scientific Conference

“Native Language in the XXI Century – System, Education, Perspectives”

(in Memory of Professor Michał Jaworski)

The Institute of Linguistics and Literary Studies at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce invites you to participate in a scientific conference on the status and role of the native language in the modern world (with particular emphasis on the Polish language).

The conference is devoted to reflection on contemporary research on native language and its didactics from a local and international perspective. It refers to research findings on the acquisition and education of L1 (native language). The subject of the discussion will be the Polish language and other European languages acquired and explored as first languages.

The aim of the scientific debate is to present the state of research on the Polish language and didactics of Polish language and literature against the background of other European paradigms and practices. The scientific meeting, planned online on Nov. 17-18, 2022, will initiate scientific cooperation between scientists from different countries, and will also enable the dissemination of the results of Polish research related to teaching and learning the native language.

The organizers hope to exchange views on modern ways of researching the native language in its various contexts and to describe its acquisition and tendencies in contemporary didactics. The result will also constitute a register of various relationships in which the native language is included (research practices, social actions, changes related to the use of modern technologies, the native language of people with migration experience, the language of school education, etc.), which will be collected in conference materials and a publication in English in a foreign scientific publishing house (the second level on the list of publishing houses of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education).

The conference refers to the tradition of didactic research in the field of the native language at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce and commemorates the outstanding Polish language educator – Professor Michał Jaworski.

We invite you to submit your speeches in the following thematic sections:

1. Native language acquisition – research methodology and practice;

2. The state and prospects of didactic research on the native language; educational challenges in the era of modern technologies;

3. Language interference; the role of the native language in the process of foreign language education; Polish as a second, foreign or inherited language;

4. Contemporary directions of research on the lexis of the native language;

5. Contemporary directions of research on the grammatical system of the native language;

6. Native language in socio-cultural contexts;

7. Didactics of the Polish language; programs – textbooks – materials;

8. Native language in the realities of school and non-institutional education – practice, needs, perspectives;

9. L1 and the experience of migration – educating children and youth with a migration context in the Polish (native) educational system.

The application form is available on the conference website at the following link:

The information concerning the acceptance of the application will be sent to the participants to the e-mail addresses provided by them.

Full conference fee – 300 PLN; reduced conference fee (students and doctoral students) – 250 PLN.


The bank account for conference fee payments: 

69 1140 2020 0000 3550 9900 1055; 

Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego 

ul. Żeromskiego 5, 25-369 Kielce; 

with the annotation: “JĘZYK OJCZYSTY W XXI WIEKU”


dr hab. prof. UJK Marzena Marczewska

dr hab. prof. UJK Anna Wileczek

dr hab. prof. UJK Stanisław Cygan

dr Katarzyna Ostrowska

mgr Marta Kwaśniewska

mgr Patrycja Kubicha

mgr Dominika Czarnota-Zdybicka

mgr Anita Jagun

Conference Secretaries:

dr Agnieszka Rosińska-Mamej

mgr Marta Kwaśniewska